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SIM Residence is a gated complex, comprising of 3 low-rise buildings, in immediate proximity to Simeonovsko Shose Blvd. – 21st Century Street. The parking  of the complex is undergroung, and on the ground for the comfort of the residents there will be a children’s playground and green areas.

Presently, the two buildings that are being constructed are built to the fifth floor, with external and internal masonry. On-site views are possible. Mounting the joinery and the façade has started, as well as electro and water and sewerage installations.


The buildings are beamless reinforced concrete structure. Brick masonry Wienberger. Double wall with sound insulation between individual properties. There is thermal insulation in the corridors of the buildings. Clear height of the premises is 2.80m. Aluminum window frames, brand Etem, in graphite color with triple glazing, gas argon, low-emission glass, steam and water tapes. Profile with sliding and elevation with a profile height of 2, 50 m. to the terraces in the living room. In  bedrooms window openable on both axles. Heating options include electricity, gas or heat pump – built pipe installations and connections to each room for each type of heating. Apartments come equipped with armored Italian door Dierre.

Facade combination of HPL, Trespa brand, with a minimum of 10 cm wool insulation and mineral plaster with 15 cm wool insulation. The roof structure will be made of waterproofed, steam-insulated and heat-insulated reinforced concrete slabs. An electric elevator will serve every building. Garage doors, fire alarm and ventilation in the garage. Organized maintenance of the complex. Possibility for finishing works of individual properties.

The complex offers one-, two- and three-bedroom properties.

Attractive Payment Scheme:

10% upon signing of the preliminary contract

10% at Act 14

10% at Act 15

70% at Act 16

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